Healing – Relaxing Massage and Alternative Therapies

offered by Joanne Tsakaki and Maria Pilaviou.


Maria and Joanne are looking forward to contributing in making you feel more at home in Chania Crete, by offering their wide knowledge and deep intuition for the human body and spirit, through a highly professional massage/alternative therapy treatment.



Massage is a therapeutic – healing method, which is widely used not only on healthy people but also on patients. It is a combination of determining mechanical effects on the body surface, which were used by the Greeks and Hippocrates since 430 B.C. and by countries of the East, 5000 years ago. The basic principle of massage is the recovery of the malfunctions of the whole human system and the improvement of the physical and mental capabilities of the person. Massage relaxes the muscles, increases flexibility, reduces stress, increases blood circulation, improves the functionality of the joints, regulates the pressure of the arteries and helps in headache relief. Consequently, it offers relaxation and well-being!


Full Body Oil (with Joanne)

Full body oil is a program where the therapist treats the receiver by working on the entire body. It is a combination of various techniques such as: Aromatherapy, Swedish kneading (Swedish massage), Thai kneading with oils (Thai oil), Thai technique for the lower limbs (Thai foot massage), the deep kneading of muscle tissue (deep tissue) and the forearm dance technique. Further to the muscle relaxation and the smooth flow of energy that it offers, it also takes care of the skin and leaves you with a sense of lightness and balance.

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Traditional Thai Massage (with Maria)

Traditional Thai massage is one of the 4 limbs of Traditional Thai Medicine and it is an energetic, energy based and intense form of kneading. The therapist uses hands, elbows, forearms and knees to help apply stretches to the body, similar to those in yoga.

This is the main reason why the T.T.M. is also called: “passive yoga”. The main characteristic of T.T.M. is the pressure that the therapist applies on the body’s energy lines (Sen) helping the flow of energy. Oils are not used here and clothing should be comfortable.

60 minutes: 45 / 90 minutes: 65


Thai Foot Massage (with Joanne)

Thai foot massage is an extension of the Traditional Thai massage and also contains elements from reflexology. The therapist uses his/hers fingers and a specific wooden prop (reflexology wooden probe tool) in order to apply pressure on the feet. The therapist also uses mild kneading techniques on the calves, the shins and the knees. Apart from the relief that it offers to the feet, this kneading technique also helps the function of the internal organs.

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Back, Neck, Head, Shoulders & Arms – Oils Version (with Joanne)

This program is tailored to fit the needs of those who have limited time and/or for those who have concentrated aches and pains, discomfort or tension in the upper body. During the treatment you will begin to feel the relief in the specific areas and as blood flow increases, healing will begin. Depending on the condition and the causes, a sense of “freedom” or “the weight off the shoulders” will be the feeling that you will have for a while after, as the healing process will continue.

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Back, Neck, Head, Shoulders & Arms – Thai Version (with Maria)

All the benefits of the Traditional Thai Massage treatment tailored to suit the needs of these areas, which feel tight either from bad posture or stress. Through the rhythmic pressure on the energy lines and the deep stretching of the muscles, blockages, which are the cause for malfunction, will be released. The feeling you will have during this session is vey similar to the one of deep stretching, overall deep relaxation and peace. Mobility, flexibility and a wider range of movement in the specific joints are the physical benefits that will last for a while after.

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Reiki (with Maria)

It is considered to be the massage of the aura. Reiki is a natural, energy based, therapeutic technique, which comes from the country of the rising sun-Japan. The therapist uses his/ her hands to transmit energy heat to the receiver. It is very simple to apply and very effective. The beneficial results are innumerable such as the reinforcement of the immune system, the well being of the body, relaxation, and calmness of the mind and the growth of positive sentiments.

45 minutes: 25


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